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February, 2016 Meeting Minutes

South St. Paul Open Foundation

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

8:00 p.m.

Web site

Joe Ciupik presented an initial draft of the web site.

Tasks to complete:

  • Each member please click on the link and provide feedback to Scott Oelerking ( by Friday, February 26.


  • Scott O. will set up paypal account for website store and set up gmail account through Google

  • Chandra will send Joe a list of sponsorship levels and sponsors from 2015 at each level

  • Carrie will send vector are to Joe for the logo

  • $200/yr fee for store

  • Scott S will set up a corporate card for the Open

  • Joe will set up and maintain site in exchange for appropriate sponsorship level

Golf outing give away

  • Bob checking with Lisa about golf towel with logo

  • Ann S checking with her contacts for golf umbrella cost

  • Carrie checking with Dana Lick and Peg Mike for golf umbrella cost

  • Chandra checking with Southview about costs for golf this year

Golf outing sponsorship

  • Carrie will send a letter to City Auto Glass/Schenians requesting increase in title sponsorship

Sponsorship signage from 2015

  • Carrie will follow up with Jason Frankot, Wipaire & Felton regarding Ettinger Field signs

  • Chandra will send the group a copy of sponsors and their levels from last year

Hall of Fame

  • Pete Schultz will chair

  • Open's role is funding

  • If anyone from the Open wants to participate in the Hall of Fame Committee, please let Chad know.

Derby Day

  • Saturday, May 7

  • 5:30 at Southview Country Club

  • Committee will meet soon regarding promotion of event and day of details

  • Carrie will ask for sponsorship again

Agenda items for March

  • Director update

  • Golf give away review

  • Sponsorship structure review

  • Treasurer report

  • Bank debit card/corporate card

Members present:

Ann Counihan

Bob Forbrook

Chandra Rohrer

Carrie Pietruszewski

Scott Stengel

Scott Oelerking

Vicki LaBrosse

Chad Sexier

Kristie Hood

Bill Marlow

Respectfully submitted,

Carrie Pietruszewski

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