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May 2017 Minutes

South St. Paul Open Foundation

Minutes – May 17, 2017

Present: Scott Oelerking, Scott Stengel, Bob Forbook, Carrie Pietruszewski, Kristie Hood, Chad Sexauer, Dan Williams, Chandra Rohrer, Vicki LaBrosse, Kris Nitti, Erika Dwelle, Terese Tonda, Jen Rouleau

  1. Requests

  2. Varsity/JV wrestling weight room equipment $3,200 approved

  3. Tennis boys/girls scorecards $600 approved

  4. New Members

  5. Kris Nitti

  6. Erika Dwelle

  7. Booster Clubs

  8. All booster clubs must cease/desist with petty cash funds

  9. Must deposit petty cash to Sharon with appropriate receipts

  10. This creates an auditing/perception issue

  11. Scott O will send an email to all groups

  12. Golf Event

  13. Assigned board members sponsorship follow up

  14. Scott O contacting Ann Counihan about umbrella. Umbrella will have Wayne Otto’s name

  15. Carrie contacting Samantha about invitation and program & will mail

  16. Kristie calling a meeting of the Fund a Need group

  17. Chandra and Carrie doing follow up with Southview

  • Next meeting June 7 for golf check-in

  • June 21 is next regularly scheduled meeting

  • June agenda:

  • Requests

  • Golf Update

  • Corporate Sponsor list

  • Policy Update

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