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September 2019 Minutes

Present: Scott Oelerking, Scott Stengel, Erica Dwelle, Mark Duffy, Lisa Duffy, JoAnn Cudo, Chad Sexauer, Dave Palmquist, Sarah Martin, Virgil S. (show choir parents)


Dave Palmquist requesting new scrimmage jerseys $840 for maroon and white with player numbers and $2875 for new white helmets. Both unanimously approved.


  • Introductions of Sarah and Virgil, show choir parents sitting in on September meeting.

  • Chad discussed spending for girls basketball, keeping uniforms, and boys basketball, new coaches and uniforms.

  • Discussed Hall of Fame ceremony scheduled for 9/20/19, inducting Paul Moen and 1969 baseball team.

  • JoAnn and Erica to complete the Veldman thank you notes for Open memorial donations made for Arlene.

  • Discussed a fundraiser concert ideas – possible location and band ideas brainstormed. More discussion to come next meeting.

Next meeting October 23, 2019 at The Cro, 8pm

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