November 2019 Minutes

Present: Scott Oelerking, Scott Stengel, JoAnn Cudo, Erica Dwelle, Mark Duffy, Dan Williams, Sarah Martin, Virgil S. NO REQUESTS AGENDA ITEMS: Update from Mark: talked with Bob Whiplinger, taking a tour of the airport hangar with Bob and Mayor Francis on 11/27/19. It might be possible to use an exemption for this event. Discussed weather accommodations, parking logistics, putting together a VIP package, sponsorship ideas. We will want to talk with Steve who organizes On the Road Again. Possible concert acts – Hairball (inquiring about booking price and availability), Arch Allies ($8,000-$10,000, inquiring about availability) Sending email to the board members regarding 2020 honorees. Next me

October 2019 Minutes

Present: Scott Oelerking, Scott Stengel, Erica Dwelle, Mark Duffy, Lisa Duffy, Kristie Hood NO REQUESTS AGENDA ITEMS: Discussed Open honorees, found Carrie’s list but decided to table the discussion until there were more board members at the meeting. Mark D. provided an outline for the concert fundraiser; location, parking, security, liquor license, permits. Time with On the Road Again festivities. He was going to be checking in with the airport as possible location. Talked about ideas for a regional act as concert headliner. Next meeting November 20, 2019 at The Cro, 8pm

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