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January, 2016 Minutes

South St. Paul Open Foundation

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

8:00 p.m.

Members present:Anne Counihan, Bob Forbrook, Pete Skwira, Chandra Rohrer, Carrie Pietruszewski, Scott Stengel, Dan Williams, Anne Ness, Vicki LaBrosse, Chad Sexauer

  1. Sharing information regarding fundraisers/Secretary/Email distribution - In the past Lisa Brandecker has been sending fundraiser information on behalf of different booster groups. The board needs to put together and distribute to each group a set of guidelines to outline people to contact, information that can be shared and how to distribute it to different audiences. We discussed the district newsletter as a way to reach the broader community, which will require 2-4 weeks notice. We also discussed an booster group social to kick-off each school year where booster members attend and learn ways to communicate to audiences and with the Open board. Carrie will work on a draft of a letter to booster contacts with help from Lisa and Chandra.

  2. Fundraising - Calendar - Dates/Groups/Trying not to cross over - We discussed a vehicle where booster clubs can post on a universal calendar fundraiser plans in an effort to not cross over group initiatives and to try to make local business solicitations for funds more streamlined. Google docs or a central calendar were discussed. It may be something we can add to our new web site. Chad will do more legwork.

  3. Bingo Recap - next steps - The bingo discussion is being tabled at this point. The up front start up costs are formidable and the sub committee discussed that after taxes are paid, the profit is about 25% of gross receipts.

  4. SSP Open Foundation Director - As this group has taken on the added responsibilities of administrating the booster groups, discussion has started regarding the possibility of the organization hiring a paid director. There is support at the school district level, and the potential of a monthly stipend from the district. Carrie, Chandra, Lisa and Chad will draft a job description and pursue the possibility with the district.

  5. Office nominations and voting - Carrie Pietruszewski made a motion to nominate Scott Oelerking as president. Second by Chandra Rohrer. Motion carried unanimously and we thanked Scott for his willingness to serve as president. Carrie Pietruszewski made a motion to nominate Scott Stengel as treasurer - Second by Vicki Lacrosse. Motion carried unanimously and we thanked Scott for his willingness to serve as treasurer. Vicki LaBrosse made a motion for Carrie Pietruszewski and Chandra Rohrer to split the duties of secretary - Chandra will maintain responsibilities for event planning and execution. Carrie will take on the administrative role. Motion carried unanimously

  6. Derby Day - The committee planning the May 7 Ladies of the Open Derby Day will begin planning. Mark your calendars. Details to follow.

  7. Honoree - The group discussed three potential nominees from a list that has been formed with input from the group. Carrie will reach out to Phil Housley as our first pick for nominee. If that doesn’t work, we will reach out to Julian Arnquist. Carrie will follow up with the group.

  8. Other business - Scott O asked that we look into having a 9-hole scramble the morning of the golf outing in an effort to include more women and/or students. Chandra will follow up with Phil at Southview to look into the possibility.


  • Dan Williams distributed a fund balance with $9,615.98.

  • Coach Cosgrove submitted a request on behalf of baseball for 2 L screen, 1 sock screen and 2 turf hitting mats. This equipment can be shared with softball as well

  • Chandra Rohrer made a motion to approve $1,534 plus shipping for the equipment

  • Vicki LaBrosse made a second

  • The motion passed unanimously

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.


Carrie Pietruszewski


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