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April 2017 Minutes

South St. Paul Open Foundation

Minutes – April 19, 2017

Present: Scott Oelerking, Scott Stengel, Bob Forbook, Carrie Pietruszewski, Kristie Hood, Jason Frankot, Chad Sexauer, Dan Williams, Bill Marlow

  1. No requests were presented at the meeting.

  2. Sponsorship level update

  3. Jason presented changes for the sponsorship levels to align value with cost

  4. Carrie will put in format for mailing/soliciting sponsorships

  5. Golf Outing

  6. Sponsor list for next meeting

  7. Mailing going out end of May

  8. Joe to put on Facebook

May Agenda:

  • Requests

  • Golf Update

  • Corporate Sponsor list

  • Policy Update

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