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December, 2016 Minutes

South St. Paul Open Foundation

Minutes – December 21, 2016

Present: Scott Oelerking, Scott Stengel, Bob Forbook, Vicki LaBrosse, Carrie Pietruszewski, Kristie Hood, Jason Frankot, Ann Counihan, Bill Marlow, Chad Sexauer, Dan Williams, Jen Rouleau

  1. No requests were presented at the meeting.

  2. Policy Update – to improve communication with booster groups, coaches & community; have structure for the group for present and future board members; guidelines for procedures

Four areas to cover:

  1. Board membership

  2. Budgeting

  3. Requests

  4. Disbursement process

The sub-committee continues to work on this.

  1. Budget

$35,000 for 2016-17 with $21,000 in CD and plans to move $19,000 into CD in April

  1. Sponsor Signage

Jason Frankot will work to put a draft together for the January meeting

January agenda:


Board member changes

Honoree vote

Sponsor signage

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