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March 2017 Minutes

South St. Paul Open Foundation

Minutes – March, 2017

Present: Scott Oelerking, Scott Stengel, Bob Forbook, Carrie Pietruszewski, Kristie Hood, Kevin Gellerman, Chad Sexauer, Dan Williams, Chandra Rohrer

  1. Requests

  2. Baseball voted and passed $3,000 for

  3. Softball voted and passed $2,400 for fences at Kaposia Landing

  4. Elementary track meet voted and passed $325 for bus costs and ribbons

  5. Board Changes

  6. Kris Nitti – Ann N

  7. Pat McLaughlin – Scott O

  8. Jamie Berchtold – Chad

  9. Debbie Jerikovsky – Scott O

  10. Erika Dwelle – Scott O

  11. Sponsor Level/Signage

  12. Jason Frankot presented proposed changes to the sponsor levels, including combining a few so there isn’t so many and there are greater differences between them.

  13. Golf sponsorship is different from individual giving.

  14. Jason re-working for next meeting.

  15. Nominee

  16. Paul Moen

February Agenda (February 22):

  • Requests

  • Board member additions

  • Honoree update

  • Sponsor signage/levels

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